A little history on Upper Iowa Resort & Rental:

Located in the beautiful Upper Iowa River basin, this 29 acre campground was originally a farm owned by Charles & Karen Lonning. It was said that “Chuck” was a visionary. As the artesian poured forth 1000’s of gallons of water from about 450 feet below the surface each day, Chuck saw the possibility which lay before him. The pool was dug, lined with black plastic, covered with sand from the quarry, and filled to what is now about 1-1/2 acre swimming area which continues to cycle through approximately 90,000 gallons of fresh water each day. The barn was remodeled into the present day Office and electric sites were trenched in. Much of the work of clearing brush and trees, placing water lines, etc. was done by the very first seasonals.

In February 1999, Bob & Kristi Hager, purchased the “Lonning’s Landing” property and renamed it “Upper Iowa Resort & Rental.” By 2000, an additional bathhouse, more water and electric sites, and a cabin were built. In 2007, a second cabin and a shelter east of the pool was completed. The fleet of canoes expanded and a few kayaks and inner tube rentals were added. In 2008, the infamous 500 year flood hit our beautiful river valley leaving destruction everywhere. As a result, improvements were made and additional sites were added. Bob & Kristi added in a few more cabins to bring the total to five with two available year round.

People have traveled from all over the continental United States including Alaska and Guam to enjoy the quiet beauty of this corner of Northeast Iowa.